Our artisanal fried foods

Prepared by hand daily, always gluten- and lactose-free

  • Supplì Bolognese
    Supplì Bolognese 2.9

    carnaroli rice, Bolognese ragout with beef only, whipped with 24-month Parmigiano Reggiano DOP and mozzarella heart.

  • Supplì cacio e pepe
    Supplì cacio e pepe 3.2

    A traditional classic: carnaroli rice, 24-month Pecorino Romano DOP, black pepper and a heart of stringy mozzarella cheese.

  • Supplì all'amatriciana
    Supplì all'amatriciana 3.2

    Excellence of Roman cuisine: carnaroli rice, guanciale amatriciano, Pecorino Romano DOP 24 months.

  • Potato croquette
    Potato croquette 2.9

    Abruzzo yellow-fleshed potatoes, butter, 24-month Parmigiano Reggiano DOP and mozzarella heart.

  • Meatball of 'nduja from Spilinga 3.2

    Abruzzo yellow potatoes, butter, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP aged 24 months, mozzarella heart and 'nduja di Spilinga.

  • Handmade ascolane olives
    Handmade ascolane olives 6

    Fresh ascolana olives, prepared by hand. 5pcs.

Our pizzas


Three days of slow maturation for maximum lightness and digestibility.

Iaquone "D'Altri Tempi" type 1 flour, milled from ancient stone, gives minerals, fiber, vitamins and wheat germ.

Gluten-free by Marco Amoriello

The 3-time world champion's dough: corn, potato starch and milk.

The laboratory with gluten-free wood-fired oven is completely separate to avoid contamination risks.

gluten and lactose free

Buckwheat, sorghum, venus rice , and red teff, the "grain of health," ground without refining.

This gives high amounts of calcium, protein, essential amino acids and fiber while maintaining a low glycemic index.


Gluten-free (+€1.00), lactose-free (+€1.50) and whole-wheat gluten-free and lactose-free (+€2.50)

  • Neapolitan in our own way
    Neapolitan in our own way 10

    Tomato sauce, basil, stracciatella di Andria and fillets of Sicilian anchovies handcrafted, raw

  • The Potato - The most beloved!
    The Potato - The most beloved! 11

    Wood-fired potatoes, Pancetta Piacentina DOP, fiordilatte and shallots sautéed in Whiskey

  • Boscaiola
    Boscaiola 10.5

    Apulian fiordilatte, fresh champignon mushrooms and Norcia sausage

  • The Fiore Sardo PDO
    The Fiore Sardo PDO 10

    Fiordilatte caseificio Artigiana, repassed chicory, PDO Sardinian flower flakes, honey and fresh chili

  • Carbonara in reverse
    Carbonara in reverse 11

    eggs from hand-picked "Happy Hens" (Gambero Rosso mention), fiordilatte pugliese, guanciale amatriciano DOP, black pepper and Pecorino Romano DOP. (Click to find out more about our fresh eggs from free-range hens)

  • The four-cheese PDO
    The four-cheese PDO 11

    fiordilatte Artigiana, DOP fontina valdostana, DOP taleggio, DOP gorgonzola and DOP Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months

  • The capricious revisited and corrected
    The capricious revisited and corrected 11

    hillside cherry tomato sauce, Artigiana fiordilatte, "Galline Felici" egg yolk (Gambero Rosso mention), taggiasche olives, champignon mushrooms, barbecued artichoke and 18-month aged Parma PDO prosciutto crudo. (Click to find out more about our fresh eggs from free-range hens)

  • Prague's cooked
    Prague's cooked 10

    wood-fired potatoes, Fiordilatte Artigiana dairy and Prague ham

  • Bresaola Punta D'Anca IGP
    Bresaola Punta D'Anca IGP 11.9

    fiordilatte, bresaola punta d'anca IGP della Valtellina, rughetta and Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 24 months

  • The mushroom
    The mushroom 9.5

    hillside cherry tomato sauce with fresh basil, Auriemma buffalo mozzarella di campana DOP and fresh champignon mushrooms

  • The Pugliese
    The Pugliese 10

    Artigiana fiordilatte, stracciatella di Andria, sun-dried tomatoes, Taggiasca olives and fresh basil

  • The buffalo and cherry
    The buffalo and cherry 10

    Auriemma buffalo mozzarella di bufala campana DOP, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil

  • Ortolana 9.5

    Fiordilatte, eggplant, chicory ripassata, radicchio, potatoes, cherry tomatoes

  • Tuscany
    Tuscany 10

    Auriemma buffalo mozzarella di bufala campana PDO, Finocchiona IGP and Pecorino Toscano PDO

  • La Tommasino
    La Tommasino 11.9

    cherry tomato sauce, Auriemma buffalo mozzarella di bufala campana DOP in tears, De Carlo semi-dried cherry tomatoes and basil emulsion.
    Cold pizza, fully topped raw.

  • The Sicilian
    The Sicilian 9.5

    Cherry tomato sauce, Artigiana dairy fiordilatte, roasted eggplant, seasoned ricotta salata flakes and basil emulsion

  • La Culaccia
    La Culaccia 11.5

    Culaccia from the lower Parma region on buffalo mozzarella cheese from Campania DOP Auriemma

  • The improved amatriciana
    The improved amatriciana 9.5

    hillside cherry tomato sauce lightly flavored with basil, crispy guanciale amatriciano DOP and slivers of Pecorino Romano DOP

  • Radicchio and gorgonzola cheese
    Radicchio and gorgonzola cheese 10

    fiordilatte, PDO gorgonzola, radicchio and walnuts

  • La Teresina
    La Teresina 11

    buffalo mozzarella di bufala campana DOP Auriemma, his majesty mortadella di Bologna IGP, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 24 months and balsamic vinegar glaze from Modena IGP. Cold pizza, fully topped raw.

  • Chicory
    Chicory 10

    fiordilatte, pan-seared chicory, stracciatella di Andria, taggiasche olives and highly prized fillets of Sicilian anchovies crafted by artisan firm Balistreri, raw

  • The Naples
    The Naples 9.5

    sauce of hillside cherry tomatoes with fresh basil, buffalo mozzarella from Campania DOP Auriemma, and fine fillets of siliciana anchovies crafted by artisan firm Balistreri, raw

  • The devil
    The devil 9.5

    hillside cherry tomato sauce with fresh basil, Auriemma buffalo mozzarella di campana DOP and spicy ventricina from Lazio

  • Our Daisy DOP
    Our Daisy DOP 8.5

    sauce of hillside cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and only buffalo mozzarella di bufala campana DOP caseificio Auriemma

  • The marinara
    The marinara 6

    sauce of hillside cherry tomatoes flavored with garlic, Apulian oregano and fresh parsley, colatura di alici di Cetara presidio "Slow Food"

Handmade single-portion cakes

End your evening with a moment of sweetness

  • Lemon mimosa
    Lemon mimosa 5.9

    Italy. Latium. Rieti. It was here in the 1950s that chef Adelmo Renzi invented the mimosa cake, which did not become famous until 1962, when it won a pastry competition in San Remo. Adelmo never revealed the original recipe. No harm done, there is our gluten- and lactose-free single-portion.

  • Sacher
    Sacher 5.9

    Chocolate and apricot. Invented in Vienna 1832, the original recipe called for 18 egg whites and 14 yolks.
    It may be best to enjoy one of our gluten- and lactose-free single-servings.

  • Pistachio mimosa
    Pistachio mimosa 5.9

    No eggs, no milk. Just pistachio, vegetable cream, cocoa, almonds and an orange garnish. Gluten- and lactose-free single-portion, Also suitable for vegans.

  • Tiramisu mimosa
    Tiramisu mimosa 5.9

    A classic Italian confectionery tradition, the dessert made with mascarpone cheese, eggs, coffee and cocoa. Gluten-free and lactose-free.

The beer list

  • The Blonde Curl
    The Blonde Curl 5.5

    High-fermenting, fresh and thirst-quenching light golden ale featuring an aroma of Czech and German hops with notes of honey and bread crust. 4,7%

  • The Curly BRUNA
    The Curly BRUNA 5.5

    Amber-colored Indian Pale Ale, fresh and with a strong aftertaste, with hints of grapefruit and tropical fruits. 6,0%

  • Graziella's Pils 33 cl - GLUTEN FREE
    Graziella's Pils 33 cl - GLUTEN FREE 5.5

    Low-fermentation pils-type craft beer. It presents floral aromas given by Czech hops, typical of this style. The taste is malty, with a soft bitterness. Pale gold color, dense and long-lasting foam. 5,3%

  • Camilla's IPA 33 cl - GLUTEN FREE
    Camilla's IPA 33 cl - GLUTEN FREE 5.5

    High-fermentation craft beer of the Indian Pale Ale type. An intense floral aroma of hops dominates the nose, but not only that. Indeed, it is also found in the mouth, accompanied by a slight malty flavor. Amber color, with persistent white foam. 6%

  • Dimont Pils Licj 33 cl - GLUTEN FREE
    Dimont Pils Licj 33 cl - GLUTEN FREE 5.5

    It is the type of beer beloved in Bavaria and Bohemia where the best hops grow. It is still a Lager, but with greater aromatic contribution of hops and thus is characterized with the typical somewhat bitter aroma. Very refreshing and easy-drinking. 5,2%

  • Dimont Amber Bagan 33 cl - GLUTEN FREE
    Dimont Amber Bagan 33 cl - GLUTEN FREE 5.5.

    The amber color is reminiscent of copper; it is not a dark beer with a lot of malt, but the use of caramel malt gives it a deeper color and very intense aromas. It is a modern beer that fascinates by its diversity. 5,6%

  • Dimont IPA Braulin 33 cl GLUTEN-FREE
    Dimont IPA Braulin 33 cl GLUTEN-FREE 5.5

    A beer with citrus scents that envelops the nose and palate with intense sensations of wet woods and herbs. While it is an important, all-meal beer, it retains the freshness and pleasantness of a refreshing beer. 6,7%

  • Dimont Weizen Pavar 33 cl - GLUTEN FREE
    Dimont Weizen Pavar 33 cl - GLUTEN FREE 5.5

    Fresh, with the fragrant aromas of wheat, it is the quintessential summer beer, low in alcohol and with the characteristic cloudiness generated by the contribution of wheat. 4,8%

  • Peroni 33 cl GLUTEN FREE 3
  • Menabrea Anniversary 33 cl 3.5
  • Menabrea Anniversary 66 cl 5.5
  • Moretti Baffo D'Oro 66 cl 5

Soft drinks

Glass only, to keep its quality intact

  • Our Gazosa Lurisia
    Our Gazosa Lurisia 3

    The recipe is from the 1950s, and the variety of lemons we use has been grown for over 300 years only on the terraces of the Amalfi coast: it is the sfusato di Amalfi lemon, famous for its juicy, semi-sweet flesh. The intensity is enhanced by the presence of the bubbles, which harmonizes and refines the evocation of orange blossom and lemon zest. Particularly balanced and full-bodied, the long persistence is accompanied by gentle acidity that dissolves into sweet notes.

  • Our Lurisia Chinotto
    Our Lurisia Chinotto 3

    the chinotto of the Slow Food Presidium of Savona, originates on the western Ligurian Riviera where the plants have been cultivated since the 1500s. Clear color but with intense, vivid caramel tones. Intense citrus and spicy aroma. The bubbles enhance the finesse and harmony of a particularly complex bouquet: citrus, herbs, spices and bitter caramel. The palate is velvety and smooth with noble and harmonious body, without excess sweetness.

  • Coke 33 cl 2.6
  • Coke zero 33 cl 2.6
  • Fanta 33 cl 2.6

The winery

Wines from organic farming and selected bottles

  • Pecorino I.G.T. from Colli Aprutini 16

    Straw yellow in color with golden hues, it has a bouquet of flowers and ripe yellow fruit. The structure is well balanced thanks to the freshness and sapidity that support the long persistence of this very pleasant Pecorino. 75cl. 13%

  • Montepulciano D'Abruzzo D.O.C. 16

    Deep red color, fragrance of spices and berries, with a pleasant and fruity flavor at the same time. Fine and intense, with soft tannins and enveloping, lingering scent. 75cl. 13,5%

  • Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG Dry Santi 18

    Prosecco millesimato 2022, obtained by the classic method. A bright, intense straw yellow, it is immediately distinguished by a fine, persistent perlage and a creamy froth. Decisive fruity incipit on the nose, precisely of citrus, white peach, pear, apple, then veering toward floral tones of orange blossom and acacia. In the mouth, the balance between the hard and soft components is very good, thanks to the powerful acid backbone that perfectly supports the sugar component. 75 cl. 11%.